Even walls can hear

Surveillance options are unlimited. Even the best spies will not be aware of all the possibilities of eavesdropping. So how can you protect yourself?

KGB spy camera

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KGB secret surveillance equipment and devices have never been shown in any Hollywood movie.

NKVD Interrogation Instruction

NKVD Interrogation Instruction

You can just imagine, how cruel  psychological and physical interrogation methods were, if the accused confessed being guilty, though he was not, just to reduce torture.

spot the camera

Spot the camera

Show off your skills, try your luck and outsmart the most serious KGB secret agent.

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Are your personality traits suitable for working in one of the most secretive structures?

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Incredible life biographies of the most significant spies.

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Portrait test. A lot of questions might be answered to your own true self.

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Find out who is listening and spying on you!

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Quotes about KGB

Quotes from the well-known people about the KGB.

Interrogation chair

So, what tools did the NKVD inquisitors have?

In Kazan Special Psychiatric Prison Hospital, they spared the lives of prisoners but destroyed their minds.

Spy museum

Maybe the KGB tried to recruit you?

Find out the most diverse KGB recruiting techniques!