KGB Espionage Museum. KGB prison cell

Compared with the immediate postwar years, conditions in prison cells from the 1960s to the 1980s looked different. There were up to three inmates in the cells, and each had a bed with bed linen and a locker. The dishes, cutlery and prisoner’s clothes on video are original. Clothes like these were worn by prisoners who served their sentences in forced labour camps and people sentenced to death. In this prison, detainees who were kept pending their trial wore their own clothes. After the 1960s, when the armed anti-Soviet resistance was over, the prison held people who in one way or another protested against the Soviet regime and the policy of Russification: fighters for human rights and freedom of conscience, underground publishers and people who distributed their publications, and the authors of anti-Soviet leaflets. Criminal offenders who were under investigation by the KGB were also kept here.