Cameras are incredibly important to espionage agents. In the KGB Espionage Museum you will see the whole history of spy camera development, including subminiature cameras, concealable cameras, and copy cameras. 

KGB museum
KGB museum exhibition hall

Spies often find themselves in situations where there may not be much time to take pictures and so they must do everything in a hurry. Any camera that a spy uses must be easy to operate and easy to hide. The spy camera’s technological revolution started with the small Minox camera, which is on display in the museum. You will also be able to see many of the other cameras that were used during this time, and even handle some of them. Agents in the field took photos of documents, passports, stamps, people, places, inventions, military installations, military aircraft fields, and even nuclear weapons. You will hear the real stories of double agents and spies who were able to expose secrets by using these concealable devices.