The KGB Espionage Museum aims to present espionage and intelligence operations in an educational and interesting way, emphasizing the importance of human intelligence gathering. We aim to help the public appreciate the great extent to which spies have always influenced world events. 

The museum has a policy of presenting the history of espionage without political bias, thus offering visitors a factual and balanced view of the subject. The KGB Espionage Museum’s main objective is to help enhance the curiosity of visitors with respect to international history. The KGB Espionage Museum features the largest collection of KGB espionage artifacts in the world, making it a museum with both enormous historical and enormous educational value.

KGB spy museum
KGB Museum exhibition hall

In the KGB Espionage Museum, you will see the secret equipment meant for intrusions and secret searches. You will see KGB phones, and phone eavesdropping and encryption equipment. The museum has many clandestine and portable radio communication devices, radio transmitters and receivers, communications jammers, bearing finders, remote eavesdropping equipment, and eavesdropping bugs.

The museum even contains a unique secret metal detector for detecting eavesdropping equipment, and a weapon meant to be used while going in for an embrace.  Learn about the methods for isotopically marking and isotopically detecting documents, money, people, and animals. See external monitoring gadgets, night vision devices, secret dictaphones, covert mini cameras, and undercover video cameras. The museum has a UV and IR device for the detection of micro objects and secret scanning, photographic, and filming equipment used for copying documents

The KGB Espionage Museum has much to offer, and will always be growing and changing, keeping up with history as it develops. We are very interested in helping to answer any questions our visitors might have. We aim to provide the most entertaining experience possible, while still providing an accurate and authentic historical experience.