The tremendous collection of Soviet espionage artifacts at the KGB Espionage Museum has incredible historical value, especially in the current era when Soviet history is little understood and research efforts are often stymied. The KGB Espionage Museum provides an experience that is emergent, unscripted, and unique, and has just as much value for academics as for casual visitors.

At the KGB Espionage Museum, you will hear the harrowing untold stories of real KGB agents and of real historical personalities, and you will even hear stories from the journalists who discovered these spies, which makes the KGB Espionage Museum not only an important part of forgotten Soviet history, but also an important part of American history.

KGB spy museum
KGB Museum exhibition hall

All information, artifacts, and collection in the museum are authentic:

See extremely rare gadgets, technology, and recreations of KGB offices;
Play with the exhibits—touching and handling old spy technology;
Feel free to photograph any of the exhibits in the museum;
You will hear stories at the KGB Espionage Museum that you can’t find on the Internet and which never make it into movies or the news;
Learn history from another point of view.