The KGB Espionage Museum is the only public museum in the world that focuses entirely on the espionage operations carried out by the KGB. Come learn the secret history of a clandestine organization that has had an enduring and far-reaching influence on world affairs. The museum showcases a never-before-seen collection of one-of-a-kind items, many of which are only now being made public. The KGB Espionage Museum reveals the secret lives of prominent KGB agents, uncovering the strategies beneath many of history’s top secret espionage operations.

KGB spy museum
KGB Museum exhibition hall


The KGB Espionage Museum aims to present espionage and intelligence operations in an informative and entertaining way, emphasizing the importance of espionage in world events. The Museum has a policy of presenting the history of spies and spycraft without political bias, thus offering visitors a factual and balanced view of the subject.